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    This site was created in response to the numerous online patent and invention services that exploit their customers (see for reviews). Many of these companies offer to send out “free invention kits”, which should immediately raise a red flag. The product development process is extremely complex and any reputable product development company will never send you a “kit”. I hope to provide inventors with enough knowledge to avoid the most common pitfalls.

    All products start as an idea or problem statement. I assume you already have an idea as this site would otherwise not apply to you. The following is a list of elements that I deem essential to successful product development.   

- Business Strategy

- Development

  1. -Patents (IP)

  2. -Manufacturing

  3. -Distribution (I have chosen to include this under Business Strategy)

Please feel free to email me at with any inquires, comments and suggestions.

Updated: 07/2/2013

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